Munich - SAPPORO, Spain Trainers / Sports Shoes, 運動鞋


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MUNICH Men's Comfortable Casual Sneaker MUN 8350123 WHITE
Men's sneaker. Closure of laces. Comfortable sneakers made of leather and textile with rubber sole. Padded and removable insole. White-navy-red color. Casual style silhouette ideal for sports dress with urban clothes. Munich Sapporo 123.

MUNICH 男士舒適休閒鞋 MUN 8350123 WHITE
男士運動鞋。蕾絲封口。舒適的運動鞋,由皮革和織物製成,橡膠鞋底。帶襯墊和可拆卸鞋墊。白色-海軍-紅色。休閒風格的輪廓非常適合搭配都市服裝進行運動。慕尼黑札幌 123。

Ref 8350123

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